Happiness: The Internal Choice

Does happiness sometimes escape you? Is it hard to find the good in situations? Are you truly happy? Happiness is a choice that we all must make for ourselves! You have the power to choose if you are happy or not. I know too many people that don’t know they have the power to control their emotions. We all go through rough times, tough challenges, and certain situations that we can’t control. There is always one thing you can control though, yourself. You decide if those challenges make or break you. You can get down on yourself or you can choose to be positive, optimistic, and truly happy!

It’s easier said than done I definitely understand that. Sometimes it feels like a constant battle or struggle to find that true happiness but making the choice to be happy means you are taking action towards a better life. It’s probably not going to happen over night. I once was struggling with mental strength. I would get down on myself and overthink my failures and mess ups. I cared about what people thought after I messed up and their judgments. I took those judgments to heart and started to believe them. I assumed what other people were thinking about me but in reality I didn’t even know. It caused my mind to be chaotic, I couldn’t even think straight! It was truly a constant battle. Then I realized I didn’t have the time to worry about what others thought or make assumptions. I also realized that my thoughts don’t define me. My thoughts are constantly changing depending on my environment and information that I come in contact with. With so much influence around us, we have no choice but to filter our thoughts and choose which ones we truly believe. I know from personal experience that your inner voice is not always right and you can’t let it control you. Once I realized this I started making tremendous progress!

You too have to start making even more progress on your battles and struggles. Make sure to always view life in the sense that you are making progress. Doing what you have to do to manifest what you want and giving your energy to the things that make you happy not your struggles.



Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to chase happiness? That it would just come to you in abundance and you could naturally manifest it into your life! When you are intentional about where and who you give your energy to, it will happen. It will lead you to true lasting happiness. Being truly happy helps you live a life achieving greater strength, awareness, and joy. What would you do with more strength, awareness, and joy? I choose to spread it and help others achieve it! Ask yourself what makes you happy so you can put your resources of energy into it!

We all have different sources of happiness. It is our true goal, destiny, and mission to do what makes us happy. Nothing else. All the things you truly want in life will mean nothing if you aren’t happy. I’ve realized that even though I want all sorts of material things that none of them will truly serve me if I am not happy. After I buy a brand new pair of sneakers or new shirt I feel happy. Once I wear that shirt or pair of kicks a few times the feeling wears off. This leads me to also want things that aren’t materials such as a happy family, rewarding job, and internal peace. Achieving those and happiness are one in the same, they go hand in hand. Achieving the intangible things will come before the material rewards. It is extremely important to be happy before you can truly achieve the level of success you want.

Success won’t make you happy but happiness will make you successful!

Happiness comes in all different forms. It can involve cars, clothes, people, love, or any other item or feeling but at the end of the day it is an emotion you can choose to have! To be happy is extremely important! The most important happiness is personal. When you attach your happiness to external or outside forces you cannot control them. For instance I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gone through this but here’s a short story you might be able to relate to. I was once very in love with a girl, and I cared, adored, and I truly had so much passion for her. As time went on I was so consumed in the relationship I lost my independence. My happiness started to depend on how well the relationship went. If we were not on good terms I would let it effect other parts of my life. I’m sure other people could tell too. I was letting an outside force (the relationship) control whether I was happy or not. It took me a long time to learn this and realize that my happiness depends on me and how I feel internally. I learned that nothing outside of me can bring me lasting happiness. The relationship ended and I was lost but when I found myself it brought happiness again and my life changed forever!


When you are happy you create the best environment to become successful. You are more creative and more willing. You see life through an opportunistic lens which invites not only an abundance of new opportunities but the experience, wealth, love, and joy you have always wanted into your life!

Ask yourself and do some internal assessments of what truly makes you happy? Not what suppresses your pain or covers up your wounds. I used drinking, smoking, procrastination, and arguing to numb, suppress, and cover up the pain that was truly inside. When I started to find out what really makes me happy I was able to let go of those habits and addictions that no longer served me. Yes it was a challenge, yes it was hard, but I persevered. I was determined even when I didn’t have the support!

That strength came from inside me. It came from my faith in God that is always growing. Like I said a couple months ago on my Snapchat the Word is God! You can feel free to add me on Snapchat for daily motivation and inspiration! Sometimes we actually do need that support. I get so much support from family and friends that it truly keeps me focused and going in the right direction!


I recognize that not everyone has that, so here at The New Movement we are always open to helping and supporting all types of positive people and causes! If you are still reading this you are trying and you are closer to your goals, I respect that and have no problem supporting your endeavors. Feel free contact me personally if you need that extra support, advice, or motivation!

Look out for the final blog post in this three part series coming soon. I touched a little bit on the topic in this post but I’m positive everyone will learn from and enjoy the next post! Thank you!

-Karl J. Golden Jr


One thought on “Happiness: The Internal Choice

  1. Great read man. It definitely holds weight and spoke to me! Keep it up, you’re on the right track to helping the world develop, grow, and evolve!


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