Success: The Personal Choice

How do you define success? How do you measure success? Success can be defined and measured in many and multiple ways! It’s up to you to create your definition of success and then measure your progress. defines it as “the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors;the accomplishment of one’s goals”. Basically it’s saying to be successful means to first try and then accomplish your goals. I think that being successful is not only accomplishing your goals but also accomplishing and reaching your dreams!  What are your dreams? What are your goals? Are they the same? Hmmm… Is there a difference? Yes there is! A goal can be big or small, a dream on the other hand must be huge. Your dreams are what you set your life mission to be. You have the personal choice to set your dreams to a certain height depending on your aspirations. Why not have high aspirations and dream big!?

I decided to set my dreams extremely high and break them down into multiple goals. When you break things down they are easier to attain and a plan starts to form to reach and get what you want. Your dreams won’t happen over night but taking steps towards them is what really matters. If you take a step to your dreams everyday eventually you will have taken a lot of steps and be that much closer to reaching your goals. You will eventually pass some goals and create newer ones! A dream is the bigger picture, a goal is a little smaller and a plan is how you are going to reach your destination. Have you taken the time to define your goals and actually write them out? I noticed once I wrote my goals on a piece of paper or typed them up on my phone or computer that they started to manifest into my life. Now if I want something, I write it down. I trust the universe will bring it to me if I do the right things. (Law of Attraction) **Let me know if you want to read more on this in another article** You may wonder what are the right things to do? The right decisions are placed in front of you and it is your awareness that allows you to see what decisions are right and which are wrong. Strengthen your awareness by looking deeper at life and by educating yourself.

Goals: Big vs Small

It’s just as important to set small goals as it is to set big ones. Setting and accomplishing small goals for me, gives me the feeling of success even for doing a small task. Imagine what that success feels like when you accomplish a big goal or task. Now imagine what it will feel like when you accomplish your dreams! That feeling of accomplishment along with self confidence and self love all grow when you accomplish any goal no matter the size. Breaking down your bigger goals into smaller ones makes the goals seem more attainable in a smaller time frame. I’ll give you a real example of how I plan out one of my goals: The overall goal I set for myself is to weigh 185 pounds. To accomplish this I must 1.Work out regularly 2.Maintain a balanced healthy mass gaining diet. To workout regularly I must stick to the workout plan, go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, and make sure to rest my body properly. To stick to the workout plan I must be disciplined and organized with my time so I can go to the gym 3-4 times a week. In order to rest properly I must go to bed at a reasonable time, not waste energy, and feed my body. To maintain a balanced healthy diet I must eat healthy foods for every meal and get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins. In order to get the right amount of nutrients I must eat the right amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. I hope you guys are catching on now, how you can break down your bigger goals to smaller ones. It’s like planning backwards. You can use this strategy for any goal you have!

At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it, later they’ll ask how you did it!

It is extremely important to strategize a plan for your goals. If you don’t have a strategy then you are just wishing for something that may or may not come true. When you have a strategy and take action, success is on its way into your life. I have always wanted success in my life no matter what I am doing and I’m sure you have too. For example when I wanted to get a better job because I was ready for a new challenge, I applied to many places. But without any luck in the job market I was still stuck at the same old place. A few days later I heard of a local Job Fair at Manchester Community College in September 2015. I thought wow this could be a good opportunity. A friend of mine and I dressed our best and decided to talk to some potential employers.


We get to the event, and we are the only ones wearing dress shirts and ties. We could of thought “Damn we’re over dressed” and felt bad about it. But we didn’t, we used it to our advantage. We talked to nearly every single potential employer there. We handed out our resumes and took down a lot of phone numbers and information. One of the jobs stuck out to me more than the rest. This was Brown & Brown Insurance of Connecticut. I had a great conversation with them and everything seemed to be looking good. In the next few days I exchanged a few emails back and forth then I was told I would be informed when my interview was. I went to the interview later that fall and absolutely killed it. I built off of my great conversations at the Job Fair and presented myself just the way I wanted to be perceived. I was sure I would get the job and start work soon because I not only needed the money but more importantly wanted to gain some valuable experience as well. After the interview I didn’t hear back from Brown & Brown. I still had the goal to get a better job and gain valuable experience though, the goal never left my mind even though I was still working a low end job and barely making any money at all. At this point I was ready to take any job that I could has some sort of growth in. If I didn’t receive so much support from my family I don’t know how I would of got through.

In January 2016 I finally heard back from Brown and Brown. They were extremely excited for me to join their team as an Technical Assistant Intern! I got the job I thought I lost out on and was ready to make this power move! I realized that when you set your goals and take action that the right opportunities and circumstances will manifest into your life. I personally made the choice to set my goal and not let anything stop me from being successful. Internally, I set my standards higher than working at restaurant. I knew I could do more and went out and got it. It didn’t happen right away though. I put in my hours at Olive Garden and it eventually paid off and I was able to get a better job. Never remain stagnant at one job for too long. Once you find yourself getting comfortable, it’s time to move up and find a better opportunity. Never do you want to get stuck. It’s your choice what level of success you want. For some people a restaurant job making good tips is success, and for some it is a stepping stone to more success. Make sure you know when it is time to step up and onto that next level of success!


Thank you for reading my last article in “The Choices” series. This is only the beginning of this website. Many more articles, pictures, videos, and features will be happening. Thank you to all of the people who support me, I truly do remember and take note of everyone who supports this website. If you could please like, share, retweet, favorite, and post links to my articles and website I will be extremely grateful and appreciative! Local support is key to success!

– Karl Golden Jr



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  1. This has to be my favorite blog post yet and my palms are itching for more. Keep up the great work; this blog – your vision- is a success story in itself that with more time and energy, can span into something big! And please go more in depth about the Laws of Attraction!

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