The Hype Around Drugs

In todays piece I’ll mostly be talking about the role of drugs in our age group (about 17-21) and how they influence some of our interactions. In a high school environment or even college environment most people seek out individuals similar to themselves so that they can have fun together but also because humans naturally seek friendship. So what way is easier than asking someone “Hey, do you want to spark?” or pre-gaming before a party. But what a lot of people also forget is that these things affect us psychologically as well as physiologically. In a lot of cases peoples occasional habits to enjoy themselves become long term. What was a weekly thing to loosen yourself up before a party or before a sports event every so often eventually becomes something you’re doing every week to at some point even every other day. I’ve observed friends an acquaintances make this transition multiple times and from the outside, it doesn’t seem as “lit” as it appears.

Now I’ll switch focus to weed for a little bit. See a lot of people feel like because weed doesn’t have negative withdrawal symptoms that it’s impossible to get addicted to it, but I’ve seen and talked to people who feel like they can’t eat, sleep, or really even function without having weed in their system every few days. Granted that it’s different from person to person but at the center of this is uncertainty, you never can truly tell how using drugs will effect you. Switching the focus to alcohol the truly dangerous part of it is that it impairs judgment. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to keep people from falling on their faces or not doing some stupid act (people watching while sober can show you a lot) and all it takes is one wrong situation to do harm to yourself.

The next part of this will talk about how social media and other things effect why people choose to over engage in drug use. Emulating rappers, singers and other people who appear to be living in worlds we could only dream about it’s easy to feel like you and Future or you and Travis Scott have something in common if you’re out late every night or doing the drugs they rap about, but it’s important to realize that what they “rap” about and what they “do” can sometimes be as different as night and day. So in an attempt to be cool and show that you’re just as hip as them you might also be putting yourself on a path that could potentially ruin your life.The stories of kids getting hooked on or dying from xans, codeine and molly are never ending, and nobody would want to be the person unfortunate enough to be the next victim. I’ll never forget my freshman year when one of my dorm-mates overdosed on LSD and the story of how some other brothas in the dorm just happened to find him. I don’t say that to scare, but it’s a reality.

Everyone enjoys themselves differently, the point of this little bit of thought wasn’t to shame people who do enjoy some of the things I’ve mentioned, but I do want people to be safe. And the reality is that some of the things we’ve normalized related to drugs aren’t safe. If the only thing you were able to take from this article is that you should use alcohol, weed and other drugs less, I’ll feel somewhat accomplished. I hope that everybody who had some time to read this will continue to think about what and how the things the put in their body will affect them and in some cases the people they care about. Stay safe during this long weekend everybody ✌🏾

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– Lebert Lester III


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