Fashion Feature: De La Créme

Fashion, clothing, threads, gear, whatever you call it it has a different meaning to everyone. For some clothes mean a lot, they are a way to represent yourself and show others who you are. Your clothes are a direct representation of you. Even before you open your mouth to speak the first thing a person sees when they see you is your clothes. It is a major key to portray yourself how you want to be seen. If you dress in a certain way people will think of you in a certain way. Is that interpretation always true? No, but first impressions do matter.

For example I once went to a job interview for RadioShack wearing a tie, an ironed dress shirt tucked into some nicely fitting slacks, and dress shoes. I was trying to portray myself as a professional man that means business. I could of gotten away with just a polo shirt, khakis, and boat shoes but I really wanted to represent myself to the best of my ability while still being appropriate for the setting.

If a person came to the job interview dressed with a wrinkled shirt, no tie, dirty pants and scuffed up shoes the interviewer will not take the person as serious as they might be because they did not use their clothing to represent their true self. They still have the chance to get the job because they could have some brilliant answers to the interviewers questions but I guarantee the first impression of them will not be the best possible if they did not represent or portray themselves in the most presentable way possible. First impressions are everything and you can really influence someones opinion of you with a good first impression. Dressing exceptionally well will always improve your first impression and personal representation.

– Photography by Andrew Horvath & Robert Muzsi

What does dressing well mean? To everyone it is something different. Some people like to wear sports gear, some people like to wear comfortable clothes, some people like to wear street fashion,  but most people like to wear what’s trending. It’s all about dressing for the right occasion and being comfortable with what your wearing. People view you differently when you wear different clothing, especially if they don’t know you. I know when I wear DLC “De La Crème” I feel the support of others and the creators. I feel unified with everyone else wearing the brand and I feel like I am wearing clothing of high quality. I believe in DLC and all they stand for. Below is a quote from A.J Harris!

“We value our customers to the highest extent and look to build a deep connection with everyone. Each piece of clothing is an artistic channel where we express our views of the world. To wear De La Crème is to express yourself through the designs and patterns. Each design is created with meaning and emotion that can help the people express themselves and their views while boosting their confidence” – Ajaevin Harris

Clothing really does carry a powerful meaning behind it. It means you care to dress nice and represent yourself well. It’s giving yourself confidence, protection, and way to represent yourself. I know some young individuals who always use clothing to represent themselves in a clean cut way that stands out among individuals. Ajaevin Harris, Kyle Overton, Jaizeek Pizarro, and Branden Grant are four of the flyest and stylish people in Connecticut and there is not debating that. The group carries themselves with the confidence that is instilled in the De La Crème brand!

Check these dudes out and be sure to give them a follow on Instagram! Together they go by “De La Crème” which means Of The Best. The first and second independent creation of shirts have been released by these up and coming fashion moguls. Based out of Manchester, Connecticut the creative group has just taken their first step to becoming the next huge street wear brand! With local support already starting to rise, the young minds are already scheming up their fall/winter collection. A new shirt is on it’s way, so be sure to cop it and add it to your wardrobe of gear so you can be sure to look “De La Creme” for every occasion!

– Karl Golden Jr


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