Think For Yourself To Be Yourself

Hello to all my readers! I took a short break from writing for a few but it was all for the better. I am going to dive a little deeper in my blog posts now. We’ve been scratching the surface but I think now it’s time to take #TheNewMovement to the next level. In the future expect me to be going a bit deeper with the content and topics. I hope you enjoy the content even more!

In this article, I am going to be writing about an experience that has been affecting my life the past nine months or so. I have been dealing with a problem, a deep one too. I can’t exactly remember when it started but I can remember how much pain and stress it has caused me. I know I am not the only one going through this but I am strong enough to admit it. I have made the decision to not care what others think and help some other people in the process of finding themselves.

So back around nine months ago, I started to realize I was having thoughts that were not my own. Wait what… Hahaha, let me explain! So by this I mean, I was constantly questioning myself about what I thought were the morals, values, and principals of my life. I started to realize that the stuff I used to believe in and talk about was just what everyone else was saying or thinking. It was all information that was recycled from what I pick up with my eyes and ears. I asked myself is something changing? Man, was I confused. This was a period of adjustment. What was it though? It felt like an outside force was telling me who to be, what to do, what to value, what’s cool, and what’s not.

That outside force was the standard of society! It will always try to tell you what standards to live your life. Has society has ever tried to tell you who you were? Most likely, you haven’t even realized it. Society creates standards. Like the standard of beauty! A few friends and I talked about the standard of beauty a few weeks ago. The knowledge from that discussion finally sunk in. I realized that celebrities are the standard of beauty and the media creates them. The normal citizens like you and I, have someone to look up to and to watch. Someone you think you connect with someone. This is a big distraction instead of getting to know yourself because you are learning about someone else. I know most people might be wondering “How can I be myself?” or “How do I get to know myself?” Try doing these few things to help getting to know yourself a little better!

  • What activities and hobbies did you like doing as a child?
  • Hang out by yourself and do something you always wanted to do
  • Define yourself on your own terms
  • Find what you value and what you don’t
  • Stay sober and clear minded so you can figure out who you are
  • Create your own standards
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Stop caring how others perceive you
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Treat yourself well
  • Develop your own style
  • Stand up for yourself and for others
  • Quit worrying

Society has standards of what a man should be, and of what a woman should be. But if you know yourself you do not have to be of society’s standards. A person can do and or be whatever he or she wants to be. These standards are not equal in the world right now. Jobs should be equal. Pay should be equal. Responsibilities should be equal. Equality within races and genders is very important! We need to all looked at the same. This includes sexualities as well. We all have the right to choose what we want to do. Sexual interest is held to the same standards. Society’s standards have created it so that men can only do this and woman can only do that. If you break those standards you must be gay or lesbian. I believe it is time we break those standards  and everyone be able to do what they want to do within laws and rules. Some old rules need to be fixed and new ones in place. That is part of the dream and goal of true equality! People are going to judge you if you do something different, but that’s because they let their ego control their mind and are afraid to be different from society’s standards.

I didn’t follow the societal norms of school or work and it is tough on your life when you think for yourself but it is extremely rewarding. I realized that it is society is not right and does not promote thinking for yourself.  I can’t let that affect my life. I must always think for myself and help others do the same. I noticed that I liked to do things in a certain way and that is was different than other people around me. For this, some called me gay. But that was the wrong label. Labels don’t fit me and no label should fit you either. You can only label yourself for what you want to be. These labels added fuel to the burning fire of confusion in my head. I’m sure others are going through this confusion and in today’s society, if you look outward to find yourself then you will surely be confused. Music, TV, and other sources of media create society’s messed up standards that confuse the people and lead them in the wrong direction. Don’t let the world tell you who you are. You tell the world who you are. Don’t let society confuse you. Lead yourself in the direction you want to go. I strongly encourage you to think for yourself.

Before you can be yourself you must know yourself, before you know yourself, you must find yourself and to find yourself you have to ask questions. – Karl Golden Jr

My advice for others going through similar situations is to find yourself within you and only look to people who are extremely close to you for advice. If other people want to judge then they are just letting their negative ego control their actions and words. What they said wasn’t coming from a place of love and positivity it was coming from hate. Let other people be themselves and you too can be yourself.

I hear people saying “that’s so gay” or “fag” all the time. I used to say those things too but I realized it’s honestly a hurtful thing to say. We should all let people be what they want to be. I hope others realize their truth and become positive about encouraging people to find their truth. I know that I realized mine. My truth is I will always think for myself and I have complete control over my life. You too can have the same! But I also went through this lesson to learn to treat others equally, with love and compassion.
I thank God for helping me find my truth. I hope all others find their truth and what feels right to them. I can finally say I put this mental confusion to rest and that I am stronger person through learning life’s lessons and going through experiences.  #HumanLivesMatter #ThinkForYourself

– Karl Golden Jr


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