The New Movement Charity Showcase!

Most of you should know by now that in just a few weeks I will be throwing a Charity Showcase Event! If you don’t know or want to know more keep reading and I will inform you on everything you need to know. The name of this event is “The New Movement Charity Showcase“. This is a musical showcase consisting of food, drinks, art, and live performances. The acts represent different parts of the world but also represent the best that Connecticut has to offer. A variety of music will bless your ears on this evening! You are not going to want to miss this event!

So first off let me start by telling you why I want to throw this event. So this past summer I traveled to Ghana, Africa and met a lot of inspiring, knowledgeable, and open-minded people. The organization I traveled with, Leaders of the Free World, was working closely with The NWKA Foundation. This foundation consisted of the some of the most kind hearted, giving, smart, and forward-thinking people I’ve ever met. They are totally committed to bringing better infostructure, more food, and jobs to the people of their community.nkwa-logo

Most people back home in America would be thinking how they could improve their own life. That is natural, everyone wants to do that! The people behind this organization were thinking how could they improve everyone’s lives. This really sparked a flame inside of me! I want to be a leader that helps improve everyone’s life not just my own. I hope you see me as this leader and will join me on OUR journey to a better life.

For all of us to have a better life we need to develop a real sense of community. Helping everyone as if they are your neighbor, not expecting much in return but just helping for the sake of helping because when you need help you know you can call on your neighbor. They might not be available all the time but when you have a large community you can always find someone to help. A community helps everyone grow!

By throwing this event I want to bring all the people of the CT community out to see what our own state has to offer. I want you to see how we all have similar goals! I want us to believe in and support each other. We all want to be successful and we can do that TOGETHER. I hope you can come out to this Charity Showcase Event and feel the positive and good vibes! I hope you learn something on this night and remember it forever.

Goals of the Showcase:

  • Promote artistic talent of Connecticut
  • Raise funds for the NKWA Foundation
  • Promote awareness, learning, and change
  • Bring the community together peacefully for one cause
  • Inspire others to do the best they can





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