Glo Up Fitness: The Health Innovators

I wanna start this article out by letting you know how much I appreciate what the Glo Up Fitness crew is doing! They represent dedication, teamwork, and forward thinking. When you put all these qualities together you get Glo Up Fitness. Their motto “When you think health, think Glo Up Fitness” is the perfect motto because when focusing on your health the outcome becomes Glo’ed up life.

I know that when you think of health you probably think of your body, right? Well Glo Up fitness is here to remind you that there is three different parts to your health. A healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit. I paticularly know this because one of my brothers, Henry Alston Jr, who is also a member of Glo Up fitness has put me on and reminded me to stay at my peak health in all three parts. Let me introduce to you who makes up the Glo Up Fitness Team:

They are a committed dedicated team that works together to achieve their goals for Glo Up Fitness. Below is the list of goals that I found on their website!


  • To promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To help the world become fit.
  • To help people around the world reach their goals health wise.
  • To get the every day, working person active.
  • To maximize everyone’s physical potential.

Wow these are truly some goals that are meant to help the world! This is a team of positive individuals that want to not only better themselves but better the people around them. Check this video below that really resonated with me and shows the true colors of who the Glo Up Team is:


Be sure to also grab your Glo Up Gear if the video above inspired you or any of their goals are similar to yours. Supporting the people around you is key and I for one support this team and the mission they are on. You can meet some people from the Glo Up team at the upcoming Charity Showcase presented by The New Movement. They will be there selling some gear while also providing information and answering questions! Keep a lookout for Glo Up Fitness because this group of motivated people are on the rise and helping others #GloUp on the daily!



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