Prince Royal: Keeping The 3rd Eye Open

Let me introduce you guys to an up and coming reggae roots artists based out of the Greater Hartford Area. This man has grown his following from Jamaica to NYC to Hartford and he goes by the name Prince Royal! The 22 year old from Portmore, Jamaica has a distinct style of both reggae roots and hip hop music. He shows there is no limits when it comes to style. Prince Royal and his band Souls of Zion have proved to set themselves apart in positive way.

Performing all over Connecticut and New York, Prince Royal has valuable experience when it comes to rocking the stage and the mic. He not only spits but he also plays a variety of instruments. Check out an example of this below in his song “Frienemy” off his latest album Kandah Way To Foothills Way!

Prince Royal is on a whole other level when comes to lyrical content. The lyrics hit you in the soul because behind the ill beats he’s dropping knowledge through his music. When music really has a message the more you listen the more you understand. Understand that Prince Royal is on the rise and nothing is stopping him from growing as an artist and person. Make sure to check out more of his work on The Music page where you can find the link to his newest album and also a few more videos.

By listening to Prince Royal’s music I have remembered to keep my 3rd eye open and stay aware of my surroundings because everything is not always as it seems. His music gives off pure vibrations of positivity. The knowledge he speaks through his music is authentic life experience and you can’t help but feel it. He speaks on topics like self discovery, journeying from Jamaica to the USA, opening your mind, and the state of the country we live in. But I’ll let you listen for yourself because the music speaks volumes by itself. Open your ears to some new rhythms of life.

We’re going to keep this flowing on January 12th at the “Charity Showcase” where you can see Prince Royal & Souls of Zion perform live. Come out and hol’ a vibe as Prince himself would say!

Prince Spotlight Flyer.jpg
“Work ye willingly with all thy heart with all thy soul and with all thy strength to relieve suffering and oppressed humanity, for by no other way can ye render integral service to the Lord Jah Rastafari” – Prince Royal




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