86$ound – Bars of Truth

Based out of the area code 860 in Connecticut, the people who make up this group are a diverse group of individuals who collaborate together to make some awesome music. Every one of their songs on their newest mixtape, Recreation, has a smooth vibe and real lyrics. The lyrics and beats match up perfectly. Each member of the group brings their own style and when mixed together they compliment each other well.

86$ound is made up of 7 members. Check them out below and on Facebook. Also go peep their visual on The Music page as well!

One thing that sets this group apart from others is their strong diversity. This leads to many different perspectives on life. On each track they will bring their own style, perspective, experience, and flow. You need all of this to make a good track and to form a strong collective. It’s not easy to have a group with so many different people because not everyone has the same views. I give credit to 86$ound for working together to achieve their dreams. It takes true collaboration to create a great mixtape such as Recreation.

My first impression after listening to the mixtape was that their lyrics were real and they expressed their views on social topics. I don’t see that too much anymore. I see too much “turn up” rap, that has no message behind it. If it does have a message behind it than it is an exaggerated concept with only negative connotation. I know that when 86$ound spits it’s real. I also know that these guys can “turn up” too. What’s wrong with that? Nothing but there is a limit. Hip Hop now a days is beyond the limit. I’m trying to interject some real rawness back into the game! It starts with the “Charity Showcase” on January 12th!

I know this group of guys and grew up with them in Manchester, CT. I can relate to their experience and their lyrics. It’s their personal truth. Every time one of them grabs a mic they spit what is true to them. I personally connect with their music because I have similar views and have respect for their message to the world. Their strong point of view needs to be expressed and I am honored for them to bless the stage on the night of the Showcase!


“We originally started out as a collective of artists that collaborate on projects together. So some members are more active than others but we all have contributions on the final product.” – 86$ound


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