Live Jazz Music – From the Soul

In just a few days on January 12th we will be having a live band perform some amazing Jazz music for all to hear at the “Charity Showcase”. We have some true talent for you to witness so you will want to get there early to hear the unbelievable Jazz set we have planned for you. Come out and see the talent located right here in our own community!

In the African-American community Jazz music has strong deep roots! We plan on having a great representation of this through the wonderful musicians we have performing. We also pride ourselves on diversity so be prepared to see a variety of Jazz musicians with the most exceptional talent. On this night the live band consists of four parts. Vocals, Bass Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, and Piano! Here’s who will be playing them:

  • Taylor McCoy – Vocals
  • Ryan Fess – Bass Guitar
  • Nathan Edwards – Tenor Saxophone
  • Michael Carabello – Piano

The musicians know each other well and I know they will have great chemistry on stage. This will translate into positive energy in the music so I know the crowd will love it. Be sure to get up and show your love to the performers during the show!

Each one of these band members are equally important. None of them could be successful without the other. They all equally hold their weight and because each of them compliment each other the totality of the band succeeds. This is a great example of putting the collective ahead of an individual member. You won’t find any egotistical stars here because they equally shine in their own bright light. I know their performance will truly be from the soul and the music will speak for itself!

I have much respect and admiration from myself to the band and their vocalist. I personally have known Taylor McCoy since I was practically a baby and I could never say a bad word about her. She is a huge personality that can light up any room and I know she plans to do that on Thursday night. Here’s a truly amazing quote from her!

In this world, we do have ourselves to be strong but, we also have each other to be strong, too. Use each person in your life as an opportunity to learn. Learn to love deeply, to respect others, to feel the bond of trust, and to gain a better understanding of the world we all live in. – Taylor McCoy



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