DJ Boomba: Half DJ / Half Entrepreneur

What’s going on people? I hope you have been enjoying the last few articles I have written! I will continue posting articles featuring the people who are involved in the upcoming Charity Showcase presented to you by The New Movement! Today’s article will be on a good friend, Steve Deleon aka DJ Boomba!


Boomba will be spinning the music at the Charity Showcase on January 12th which is just a few days away. Be sure to be there to check him out and the skills he has developed as a DJ. DJ Boomba has been all over Connecticut at every gig he gets the chance to be at. The man is really on his grind. The grind that not only every DJ must be on but every Entrepreneur as well! Motivation, Perspective, and Grind are the three words that come to mind when thinking of DJ Boomba! The man himself takes pride in seeing other people’s perspective and is motivated to be on his grind. I’d say it’s his formula to success!

Steve & I have discussed this before a nine to five job won’t cut it forever and that’s not the formula for success. That’s why DJ Boomba and I are working together to bring you this Charity Showcase event. We are trying to do more than the minimum to get by! We want to exceed expectations and show you what we’ve been working on. I have to give huge credit where it is due and if Boomba didn’t step up and use his experience then this event would not be where it is at. Much respect and credit to DJ Boomba for his grind, perspective, and motivation!

Check out his fire mix below and also give him a follow on Social Media: @itsboomba Facebook Twitter Instagram


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