Visionary Mixtape Review: Road Trip by Joshy Philly

With his second project being freshly released, the St.Lucian born rapper is 100% sure he has blessed the scene with a fire mixtape! Making waves already, the tape entitled Road Trip has Joshy Philly dropping some knowledge and wisdom through intricate word play and rhymes. Not only can he do that but the artist shows he can turn up and have some fun too. The wavy beats produced by RedtheChefProducedbyReid, & TheKraftsman will have you literally bumping this mixtape for weeks!

Local talent here in Connecticut is on the rise and I personally can see it in a variety of different ways. Joshy Philly is a part of this talent and definitely helps lead the future of CT music. He sets the bar high for local artists after dropping this tape!

The people who believe in him give their fullest support and others are catching on daily! The people who have been working are truly starting to separate themselves from the pack and Joshy is one of those people. Over the songs such as “Tina and Tami” and “Outro” he shows his true confidence and belief in himself. What I took from these songs is that the true belief of success in yourself is the way others see the true talent within you. When you believe in yourself then others will believe in you too.

In the mixtape he tells us “See I’m just trying to take you on journey where I make you see my journey that I’ve been going through, you know, stand tall in the world and find myself because that’s what Road Trips is all about, exploration, finding ones self, gaining from life experience actually.”

This is some real truth from the man himself. A little wisdom over a dope beat is on the horizon for hip hop. You heard it here first! This is the key as to why Joshy Philly’s music really is the truth!


Above is a picture of Philly rocking the OG De La Creme shirt. Created by @delaacreme as their very first shirt. Check out their progress as a fashion brand on Instagram!

The CT based artist has made some true progression as well. He makes sure there is no wall huggers at the party with the track “Back it up” it really makes you want to dance to the wavy beat and smooth lyrics. Make sure to freak it on the dance floor whenever you hear this track!

The variety of flows and variety of topics the artist has shows his skill. People have been sleeping on him for too long and I know the song “Lost” really woke some people up. He speaks on how he views the world and the state of chaos we are in. I personally can relate to this song and it is my favorite on the tape.

Don’t forget to see the first visual from the mixtape. He gives you something to watch while he kills the Bonu$ Track! Peep the visual below, a production by @Green_Gasper. The song and video really work well together. The sounds and lights coordinate well to give the video a real dope sensory feel.

The second video is a true master piece. It features a crazy dope visual effect which was also created by Andrew Horvath aka @Green_Gasper! My dude is sick with the videography and photography. Check out his website for a look at some of his work. Below is one of the best Joshy Philly x Green Gasper collaborations to date!

Overall I would give this mixtape a 9/10 with much still to learn and room to grow the artist is only beginning to show his true talent. There is nothing wrong with the tape that sticks out to me. The artist delivers well with every track and has a variety of songs for everyone to bump to. Be sure to check out the full mixtape on Audiomack or Soundcloud and hit Joshy Philly with some comments, likes, and shares! The true support he has from Green Gasper, his producers, De La Creme, and The New Movement will help him reach his full potential. We have the makings of a real team that can go very far if we all work together in positive ways. Do you see the vision? Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for an EP coming soon from Joshy. Let us share with you our art. Stay tuned for new content from everyone involved!


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