The Truth Behind Social Media

I haven’t written any blog posts in a few months but I am looking to get back on it and give the people something to read once again. It’s always great to share some perspective from The New Movement. The more I communicate and receive feedback from my readers, viewers, and peers the more I can create content that you want to read. The New Movement is for the people and with your feedback you too can have a strong influence.

So what’s one thing everyone has their head into nowadays? The kids can’t get off it, the adults are figuring it out, and my generation is starting to figure out how to use it in an effective manner. You guessed it, Social Media!

Social Media

What is Social Media defined as?

“Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.” – Wikipedia

Okay, that’s cool and yeah Social Media is that but it does so much for so many people that no one definition can give the full picture. Plus that’s Wikipedia’s definition and it’s hard to call that a legit source even though I find it to be very useful. Personally I see it as an online place where people share information about themselves, their business, and their lives. It’s crazy to think how many people are on Social Media in today’s world, and that number is only growing!

So many people are on Social Media it truly has become a social place. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Linked In people are constantly sharing information. The definition of media is the collective means of mass communication. Which is true we are massively communicating to each other across the world. I think that is the greater purpose to why Social Media was created, to spread information across the world.

Global communication pic

So we are spreading so much information and taking in so much information that in actuality it is a lot for us to comprehend. Especially when news stories contradict and you read so many different opinions on the same topic! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and inevitably that means that people will be spreading some negative messages on Social Media. But I believe if we post positive things on Social Media and show the positives that are going on in our life then the online social world would be a better place. I then believe this would translate into the real world and people would be more positive. You would get likes and comments for the good stuff you do which would in turn make you want to do more positive things. Really think about it, if we share positivity then more positivity will manifest! What we like has a big influence on what we see!

As the people of this amazing planet, we are the ones that control Social Media. The internet isn’t censored and that’s something we should take advantage of. We can share anything we want, let’s use that tool to spread a positive message to others. I see pictures and videos already doing this and it’s awesome but I’m now hearing about murders, suicides, and other killings being broadcasted on Social Media live. That is the negative energy that can’t be spread and I recently read that Facebook was taking measures to monitor this so we are moving in the right direction, but not all the way. A lot of the funny videos and pictures you see online are low key spreading hurtful stereotypes and keeping racism alive. It seems to me the more ignorant you are online the more buzz you get… But also the more damage you do to society. You would be promoting and influencing others to act the same way you do in those videos or pictures. Why does this happen? Please comment below to help me figure this one out. I see it all over the entertainment industry, it’s nothing new but needs to be stopped.

Key to Mind.jpeg

In the course of time Social Media is a brand new concept. It has so much more potential. But with that potential comes danger as well. Social Media has power and it controls a lot in this generation. But we are still the ones in control. As the people we cannot give up that power. You can’t take everything found on Social Media to be factual information. Stories are fabricated to make us think false information. Social Media is a key to the individual’s mind. If you spread certain information then the individual is provoked to think certain things. Be careful what you read and be careful what you watch, but the most important thing is to be careful what you share.

I believe Social Media can solve a lot of problems. Social Media is like a voice for the people. I believe it has a lot of benefits and in the future we will see them even more so than now. May we create a positive place to engage online, a place where we can all thrive no matter your demographic. Let’s work together and be smart about spreading, posting, and engaging online.

PS:  Be conscious of what you post because you never know who will see it and who it will have an impact on.

Impact People Social Media.jpg


2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Social Media

  1. What a comeback post lol. A thought provoking and pleasant read. I agree, let’s be careful of what we share and promote and let’s make positivity the new social media craze.


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