The Golden Rule: Law of Reciprocity

What’s up ya’ll? I am writing this as a follow up article to The Truth Behind Social Media because I am trying to be more consistent.  A part of quality is consistency in my opinion. Something I am working on and developing. So here we are at my most recent post The Golden Rule. Have you ever heard of it before? What I was taught as a kid is that it meant “to treat others how you want to be treated”. What is your understanding of The Golden Rule? Something similar? Maybe you have heard of this or maybe you haven’t but I honestly do not see it happening in today’s world. It’s that saying that so many people just forgot to apply to their life. It’s not too late because this saying has lasted the test of time!

According to the bible, Jesus of Nazareth or better known as Jesus Christ used this saying to summarize the Torah (Jewish Books (Jesus was Jewish)). Below is the scripture from the bible! Just a note that the Golden Rule has come up in all religions throughout history from Judaism, Islam, to Christianity. This applies to all people everywhere!

Mathew 7-12

Now let me relate it to a social scenario, where maybe it resonates a little more if you are not a spiritual person. In a way there is a connection between this social rule and social media, ever heard of like for like or follow for follow? It’s sort of a unwritten rule when trying to grow your social media pages that you will follow someone if they follow you back or you will like someones pictures if they like yours back. In a nut shell this is The Law of Reciprocity. Which is similar to the Law of Karma but that topic is for a later day!

Most people overlook the Golden Rule. They treat one an other by the way they look or by the way of assumptions based on stereotypes. One man is wear ratty clothes with holes in them while another man has a suit on. The average person in today’s society especially my own generation would treat that man in suit with more respect than a man who is not well dressed. I am even previously guilty of this… But I have now been applying the Golden Rule to my life and treating others the way I want to be treated.

We have been taught that this rule is common sense but common sense is being harder and harder to come by as you can see by taking a look at our current U.S. President Donald Trump… He’s saying one thing and doing another. Who is he working for? Not the people of the United States that’s for sure. Our leaders have been the first people to lose common sense and the citizens are starting to reflect that more than ever now, especially my generation. Like where is our direction and focus? We lost our common sense and tried to find it again in Social Media. Too much of our lives are being spent on Social Media and it’s not fixing any of our problems. Seems like we’re buying things we can’t afford, going broke trying to look rich, then jumping into debt to get a degree and end up missing out on a real education. Plus we can’t even find jobs in our field. A degree isn’t useless but the cost of one is more than a whole lot of money.

Give Get

It’s like we’re making things too complicated and over thinking our problems. A lot can be solved with common sense, more specifically the Golden Rule. It takes effort to apply The Golden Rule to your life though. Our generation is in fact lazy and I can vouch for that, we don’t apply ourselves as much as we should. We have so much more potential in us. We will have the right amount of doctors, lawyers, athletes, and business men but do we have the right amount of people fighting for the right thing?s Do we have the right amount of people treating others no matter their demographic with love and respect?

I’m calling everyone out. You can be more compassionate towards another person with a different background than you. Instead of recognizing their differences and using that as the base for a joke, uplift that person and show respect even if they don’t deserve it. The Law of Reciprocity says that:

When we give or serve, we set spiritual forces in motion and we’ll experience the results, whether we receive in kind or not. Selfishness and greed are inappropriate, so they will limit the results we receive. On the other hand, as we develop godly character and learn to serve God and people in humility, he is free to bless us with far more than we need to excel in every good work and increase our resources so we can be generous on every occasion. – Source: Larry Fox

The fact is we live in a spiritual world and in this world there are spiritual laws. The Law of Reciprocity aka The Golden Rule is something you should take advantage of and if not you will be at a disadvantage. Treating others with respect and love will only ensure you get the same in return. It might not happen instantly but it all comes full circle, that’s why I said it is similar to the Law of Karma. I will go in-depth on that topic in a future article. Look out for some more “Spiritual Laws” in the near future. Also any feedback will appreciated and taken into consideration. I appreciate you reading this!

– Karl Golden Jr

Golden Rule.jpeg

PS: Spirituality doesn’t always have to involve religion. Open up your spiritual side and see what abundance you can attract! Religion is just a guideline and choosing faith happens at a certain level of spirituality. I personally am studying Islam more recently and there is many lessons to learn from all different religions. There is no one forcing you to choose a religion.

Next up! The Law of Attraction!


One thought on “The Golden Rule: Law of Reciprocity

  1. What a refreshing read! Aw…The Golden Rule. A lesson that is taught to us in childhood and replaced by greed and insensitivity in our adult years. Keep spreading a positive message to the people!

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