What’s up ya’ll? I am writing this as a follow up article to The Truth Behind Social Media because I am trying to be more consistent.  A part of quality is consistency in my opinion. Something I am working on and developing. So here we are at my most recent post The Golden Rule. Have you […]


I haven’t written any blog posts in a few months but I am looking to get back on it and give the people something to read once again. It’s always great to share some perspective from The New Movement. The more I communicate and receive feedback from my readers, viewers, and peers the more I […]

“I thought everything would get easier once I threw that cap up” Lately, I’ve been growing through a less than a quarter life crisis (something that a lot of people my age probably liken to a mid life crisis). The country I’ve lived in my 20 years of life elected a candidate that built his […]

“Sidewalks show me all the sounds of the streets” I was there when we all sat on the curbs and brainstormed about success. I was there when we played games on PS2 and passed the sticks to whoever was next. I was there when the adults stepped outside. I was there whenever my dad told […]

Most of you should know by now that in just a few weeks I will be throwing a Charity Showcase Event! If you don’t know or want to know more keep reading and I will inform you on everything you need to know. The name of this event is “The New Movement Charity Showcase“. This […]

“I don’t know why you keep choosing me, I don’t know why” I woke up this morning and was cursing my fate, sometimes I just feel like I have too much on my plate. Life is just hard, sometimes it drags, but I didn’t feel that way when Tyshawn got stabbed. Why wasn’t it me? […]

Hello to all my readers! I took a short break from writing for a few but it was all for the better. I am going to dive a little deeper in my blog posts now. We’ve been scratching the surface but I think now it’s time to take #TheNewMovement to the next level. In the […]