The New Movement Charity Showcase!

Most of you should know by now that in just a few weeks I will be throwing a Charity Showcase Event! If you don't know or want to know more keep reading and I will inform you on everything you need to know. The name of this event is "The New Movement Charity Showcase". This … Continue reading The New Movement Charity Showcase!


Think For Yourself To Be Yourself

Hello to all my readers! I took a short break from writing for a few but it was all for the better. I am going to dive a little deeper in my blog posts now. We've been scratching the surface but I think now it's time to take #TheNewMovement to the next level. In the … Continue reading Think For Yourself To Be Yourself

Manifesting What You Want!

What is manifestation? What does it mean to manifest? I hear the word being thrown around here and there so I wanted to write about it and let some of my readers know what I think it means and how I use it. This is just my opinion that I've formed after reading a few … Continue reading Manifesting What You Want!