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The Golden Rule: Law of Reciprocity

What's up ya'll? I am writing this as a follow up article to The Truth Behind Social Media because I am trying to be more consistent.  A part of quality is consistency in my opinion. Something I am working on and developing. So here we are at my most recent post The Golden Rule. Have you … Continue reading The Golden Rule: Law of Reciprocity

The Truth Behind Social Media

I haven't written any blog posts in a few months but I am looking to get back on it and give the people something to read once again. It's always great to share some perspective from The New Movement. The more I communicate and receive feedback from my readers, viewers, and peers the more I … Continue reading The Truth Behind Social Media

Visionary Mixtape Review: Road Trip by Joshy Philly

With his second project being freshly released, the St.Lucian born rapper is 100% sure he has blessed the scene with a fire mixtape! Making waves already, the tape entitled Road Trip has Joshy Philly dropping some knowledge and wisdom through intricate word play and rhymes. Not only can he do that but the artist shows … Continue reading Visionary Mixtape Review: Road Trip by Joshy Philly

DJ Boomba: Half DJ / Half Entrepreneur

What's going on people? I hope you have been enjoying the last few articles I have written! I will continue posting articles featuring the people who are involved in the upcoming Charity Showcase presented to you by The New Movement! Today's article will be on a good friend, Steve Deleon aka DJ Boomba! Boomba will … Continue reading DJ Boomba: Half DJ / Half Entrepreneur

Live Jazz Music – From the Soul

In just a few days on January 12th we will be having a live band perform some amazing Jazz music for all to hear at the "Charity Showcase". We have some true talent for you to witness so you will want to get there early to hear the unbelievable Jazz set we have planned for … Continue reading Live Jazz Music – From the Soul

86$ound – Bars of Truth

Based out of the area code 860 in Connecticut, the people who make up this group are a diverse group of individuals who collaborate together to make some awesome music. Every one of their songs on their newest mixtape, Recreation, has a smooth vibe and real lyrics. The lyrics and beats match up perfectly. Each … Continue reading 86$ound – Bars of Truth